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miyuki berry bead - opaque luster shell pink 366

The shape of the berry bead resembles that of a peanut or like the shape of the number 8. When you string them in a row, they will nest together and interlock. This way you can also alternate them with seed beads in for example a necklace or eyeglass cord.

When you string them in a bracelet with peyote or craw, you will get a more bold bracelet with a unique structure. And in french beading they are perfect for creating hanging flowers like the Wisteria.

Colortype Opaque luster

Opaque colors are the basic colors of Miyuki, such as black, white, red, green, purple, etc. This is the most reliable color type, as the colorof this type is through and through. Luster means there is an extra added shine to the color.

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Extra pictures miyuki berry bead - opaque luster shell pink

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