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miyuki bugles 6 mm - opaque matte black 401F

Bugles are elongated and have a slender cylinder shape. At 3mm in length, they are only 1.5mm thick and have a 0.7mm hole.

You can do many different things with bugles. String them together to make a necklace, especially beautiful with several strands next to each other. The bugles will stay neatly on top of each other if you always place a 15/0 or 11/0 seed bead between them, but you can do without.

It is also possible to string the bugles tightly next to each other, which is known as ladder stitch. Another option is to use them with peyote stitch, for example as a middle lane in a bracelet with delica beads or f course in a figure with brick-stitch. But what they are probably best known for is for netting, because the bugles keep the diamonds in good shape.

Colortype Opaque (semi) matte

Opaque colors are the basic colors of Miyuki, such as black, white, red, green, purple, etc. This is the most reliable color type, as the colorof this type is through and through. The outside of the bead is treated in such a way, that it becomes less smooth and less shiny.

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Extra pictures miyuki bugles 6 mm - opaque matte black

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