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miyuki cubes 1.8 mm - transparant matte ab chartreuse 143FR

Miyuki cubes are available in 4 mm, 3 mm and the smallest ones with 1.8 mm. You can use them for peyote, brick-stitch or herringbone techniques. Because of the sqaure shape, you will get a more rectilinear shape.

They can also be used in combination with seed beads or delica beads, where you use 1 cube, next to four 11/0 seed beads strung in a block, which each takes up the same space. When you alternate this, it will give more depth in your piece.

Colortype Transparant matte ab

Beads with color type Transparent Matte AB are less transparant than original transparant beads, because they are made matte. The outside has been treated in such a way that it has become less smooth and it is harder to see through. In addition, AB (Aurora Borealis) is added, which is an iridescent coating creating a multi-color effect. You can recognize matte AB by the letters FR added to the color number.

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Extra pictures miyuki cubes 1.8 mm - transparant matte ab chartreuse

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