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miyuki long magatama 4x7 mm - Czech coating crystal heliotrope 4554

Miyuki also has Magatama beads and Long Magatama beads. Where the regular magatama beads are more drop-shaped and smaller at the top, the long Magatama beads have the same width from top to bottom. Long magatama beads are also flat at the front and back, which makes them more rectangular shaped. They sit next to each other quite nicely. The top and bottom are made skewed, so the bead faces a certain direction. Because of this you cannot thread them into a bracelet with for example peyote or right angle weave, but you can use them very well in, for example, Bead Embroidery. Also as accent beads as an extra row in a bracelet, they work really well and because of the shape they have, you can easily create a beautiful scale effect, like dragons have.

Colortype Czech coating

Czech coating is a beautiful and varied color type, which is added to the Miyuki beads in the Czech Republic. A spotty coating in glossy or matte has been added in various ways, sometimes also with a slightly different colored side of the bead. Because this color was added to the base color later, it can disappear more quickly when it comes into contact with the skin or there is friction.

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Extra pictures miyuki long magatama 4x7 mm - Czech coating crystal heliotrope

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