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miyuki tila mix - horizon mix08

The mixes with tila beads consist of whole, half and quarter tila beads, which can be used together in a piece of jewelry. The whole tilas are 5 x 5 mm, the half tilas are 2.5 x 5 mm and the quarter tilas are 1.25 x 5 mm. This means that the width of the different tila beads is always exactly 5 mm of all of them.

With the tila beads and especially the mixes, you can make several kind of bracelets, like fancy bracelets but also happy bracelets which are always popular in spring and summer.

Colortype Mix

The mixes are always carefully composed, making the colors match well to each other. Some consist of successive colors, in others we chose contrasting colors. Also check out the mixes based on specific themes, seasons or the ones that match the fashion colors.

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