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miyuki seed beads 11/0 2cut - 24kt gold plated 191

Miyuki hex cut beads are hexagonal cut, which means they are six-sided. The angled edges capture and reflect light better then round shapes. This shape also gives larger holes, which gives more space for needle and thread to pass. Hex cut seed beads can be used in many bead weaving projects, stringing projects and loom designs. Use them by themselves to get a lot of sparkle or add them in specific places to create highlights.

Miyuki is the brand name of the best quality seed beads, made in Japan. They come in different sizes and shapes and can be used for weaving, stringing, crocheting, knotting, embroidery, 3D cards and much more.

The big advantage of Miyuki is the very good quality and the fact that all beads have exactly the same shape and size. This always gives a very beautiful result and Miyuki offers a lot of different colors, which give endless combinations to create.

Colortype Plated

Plated is a color type where precious metals are used to create the color. They come in the colors gold, silver, copper and bronze and are very popular, as they have a deeper gloss than other color types.

Be aware that the color type Plated can change due to friction or skin contact. We recommend that you handle this with care. This problem is less likely to occur with projects such as bead embroidery or earrings where there is no friction.

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Extra pictures miyuki seed beads 11/0 2cut - 24kt gold plated

Same color but other shapes

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